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Healthy Equipment. Healthier Environment.

At Fluidology, we believe that Healthy Equipment results in a Healthier Environment. Our Fluidology Predicta(TM) service provides a rapid, predictive analysis of the operating fluids of your equipment – the “lifeblood” of your assets. Not only does a rapid, complete predictive analysis help you maintain Healthy Equipment, but it also results in a Healthier Environment. More hours of use on fluids saves fossil fuels and reduces disposal waste. Our sophisticated testing equipment rapidly detects harmful particulates in the operating fluids. Using our sophisticated software analysis, harmful particulates can be properly identified for their effect on the environment, and your equipment. Replacing contaminated fluids results in cleaner burning engines and equipment that greatly reduces harmful emissions into the air.

Fluidology Tests indicate:

Fluid quality – could stretch use

  • Less use of fossil fuels
  • Less disposal

Contaminants – identify before they become an issue

  • Cleaner – cleaner engines put cleaner emissions back into the environment
  • More efficient – cleaner engines get more efficient fuel use, less fossil fuels used

Let Fluidology(TM) help you have Healthy Equipment, a Healthy Business AND a Healthier Environment.